Tegmark School is a course program in which we intend to share our knowledge gathered over the years.

Tegmark School is a collective project, where you can learn how to create beautiful digital architectural images, guided by some of our top in-house artists.

Since the start of our journey the industry has grown a lot and it is not looking to slow down. We see more and more people finding this field appealing for their professional career, but as far as we know, there are few places where this craft is taught properly.

Our mission and our ambition is to fill this gap.

Our teachers will assist you through an 8 week – 12 sessions personalized training program, where you will learn the technical and artistic elements of the typical 3d and 2d workflow used in the Archviz Industry.

At the end of the program, the resulting images will be judged by a jury of in-house and international 3d artists. The best renders will win a full refund of the course tuition fee and the invitation for a paid internship at TEGMARK.

Tegmark School kicks off this fall, further updates will be added soon. The program has an intermediary level, therefore basic 3dsMAX and Photoshop skills are required. The entries will be selected based on a small portfolio.

600 Euro
Early bird 15% Off, deadline 15th of July
For more info, please contact us at school@tegmark.net

Looking forward to meeting you!


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