This is the limit of Tegmark’s online universe. Professor Max Tegmark proclaimed that “all structures that exist mathematically, exist also physically” – in a breathtaking multiverse. We like to follow him with this spirit and say: if you imagine it, it exists. Let us imagine together.

All Possible Realities

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Karlsruhe Teathre

Karlsruhe Teathre

The Eye

The Big White

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Tower 1


UniSA Great Hall

Night At The Opera

Guggenheim Competition

Landbrukskvartalet – 1st Prize

Tegmark is a company specialising in visualising all kinds of possible worlds. In the last six years we have been involved in over 300 projects for some 57 architects all over the world. Above you can see a sample of our work that illustrates our dedication to producing the highest quality images.

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