We are a team of artists, designers and architects who work together to create great images.

Our name is inspired by the influential cosmologist Max Tegmark who proposed the Ultimate Ensemble or the Theory of Everything. At the heart of this theory lies the belief that “all structures that exist mathematically also exist physically”. This resonates with philosopher Robert Nozick’s Principle of Fecundity which states: “all possible worlds are real”. Both theories inspire us, since we think our job is to bring possible worlds to life.

Tegmark’s story started back in 2010 when seven architects, sharing the same love for images and passion for rendering, decided to join forces and form a company. The mission was to create nothing less than great images. Since then we have worked hard to deliver on this mission and as our experience has grown and so too has our team.

We believe the key to producing great images together with our clients is patience and trust. It is then of course important to have the right team on board with the skills and background in art, graphic design, film and new media to turn your projects into visualised realities. Tegmark has that team brining your possible realities to life.

Our possible worlds go further than those we are commissioned to make. Here are some examples of what Tegmark creates when free to dream and imagine.

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All Possible Realities

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