This is the limit of Tegmark’s online universe. Professor Max Tegmark proclaimed that “all structures that exist mathematically, exist also physically” – in a breathtaking multiverse. We like to follow him with this spirit and say: if you imagine it, it exists. Let us imagine together.

Tudor’s inner-world has no borders and no religion. It is maybe here, that Tudor developed an interest to travel to a conflict-area, or a fascination for the clash between form and content, that one finds in Odd Nerdrum’s work. Before joining TEGMARK team he first dreamed of becoming a cop and then studied arts and architecture.

Gigi would change our world just by taking out its borders. He always dreamed of becoming an explorer and is still on his way to fulfilling this dream. Patience is his major achievement by now. He studied arts, architecture and while being a managing partner at TEGMARK, he also looks for time to feed his passion for travel and adventure. His next trip my take him here 12°22’13.32″N, 23°19’20.18″E

First, Sandra dreamed of becoming an air plane. When she learned this is not really possible, she switched to a painter, perhaps in Ancient Egypt, where she would time travel in a heart beat, if she just could. Currently, while working at TERMARK, she studies business and does now her master degree in Marketing and Business Communication.

Sebi’s perfect spot in the universe would be a spring morning in his grandmothers house, with the sun creeping through the blinds and the sound of his grandmother preparing breakfast. Before becoming one of TEGMARK partners, he graduated architecture in 2008 after studying in Toulouse and Bucharest, then worked at Graft Berlin and SYAA Bucharest, where he was awarded in numerous competitions.

Stefan still dreams of becoming a small town deputy somewhere in Alaska. Until that point, he finds escape in the worlds of imagery, focusing mostly revealing the hidden qualities of the background. He finds inspiration in the strange mix of utilitarian idealism (Buckminster Fuller), radical minimalism (Bob Irwin) and lots of heavy metal music. Before founding TEGMARK, he studied and worked abroad, sharing bits of history (and heart) with Toulouse, Belgrade, Boston, Singapore and Berlin.

When imagining a perfect possible world, Mihai wouldn’t put anything inside it. He would take a lot of stuff out it, just to make space. Before joining TEGMARK team and after dreaming of becoming a doctor, he graduated from Music and Arts school “Victor Karpis”.

Valentin would like to travel to the limits of our observable universe, just to observe a little further. Since his childhood he dreamed of being an artist. After studding architecture, he started to imagine all kind of possible worlds at TEGMARK. His perfect possible world needs to have gravity in it, to keep him on the ground.

Alecu’s major achievement by now is to be surrounded by smart and nice people. This is how he sees his world. If he would change a thing it would be just to make 99% summer and 1% winter. First he dreamed of becoming a priest. Then studied mathematics, finally became an architect and now he is one of TEGMARK partners.

Tudor’s curiosity to see a 100% man-made world, roots probably in his favourite childhood kick. He could sit for hours and create structures out of almost anything. On his way to founding TEGMARK, Tudor travelled around the world, worked for OMA and in 2010, alongside UNULAUNU, his architecture practice, he built the Romanian Pavilion at Venice Biennale.